Course on “Medical guidance & teachings of Nabi ﷺ”

Course facilitator
A Muslim Indian doctor, who is an expert on TIBB-E-NABAWI, will conduct this course. After realizing the importance of acquiring the knowledge of TIBB-E-NABAWI, I (course coordinator, Mohammad Anamul Hasan) requested the author of this book, Dr. Mohammed Shakeel Shamsi (profile link), to run this course, and alhamdulillah, he agreed.

If you would like to listen to the doctor’s lecture regarding the importance of “Medical guidance & teachings of Nabi ﷺ”, please click on either link: “audio-only” or “video”. If you don’t feel comfort with urdu please visit the doctor’s website

Audio Only (urdu)

With Doctor’s Video (urdu)

🍀 Alhamdulillah we already started the course but any time you can join. We will send you previous recorded classes.
🍀 Total 10 lectures (each lecture 1 hour)
🍀 Every Friday & Saturday 10am to 11am (Bangladesh Time)

Course content
🍀 Most of the topics of this book (TIBB-E-NABAWI” by Dr. Mohammed Shakeel Shamsi) will be briefly covered inshaAllah.

Click here to download Index of the Book

To download pdf of that book please visit

Potential participants
🍀 This course is appropriate for anyone (male or female) who wants to know the “Medical guidance & teachings of Nabi ﷺ” based on the Quran and Sunnah. The course will not focus on the scientific details of the medical treatment rather the Quran and Sunnah.

Course delivery mode
🍀 Language: English
🍀 We will use ZOOM. Participants can join the lectures from any mobile device or computer.
🍀 All lectures will be recorded. Participants can revisit any lecture in case they missed.

Course Fees
🍀 The value of this course is 15,000 Indian rupees , which I will pay inshaAllah.
🍀 Course fee for the participants is OPTIONAL. If anyone would like to share the 15,000 rupees (around 18000 taka) with me, I would appreciate it.
🍀 In case the collected course fee exceeds 15,000 rupees, I will use that amount to translate the book, TIBB-E-NABAWI, in Bangla and distribute the softcopy among the participants of this course inshaAllah.
🍀 Participants can pay the registration fee at their convenience.

Registration Link

Course coordinator
Mohammad Anamul Hasan
+8801818619647 (whatsapp)

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